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Survival of global Lords

Survival of global Lords

Survival of global Lords

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4316 ratings
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    Survival of global Lords
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    Xi Wang
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    Weixin Book
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2022-06-14 07:00:02
[rare real-time strategic Lord hegemony mode this year] Lord hegemony combined with [imperial civilization], [Warcraft hegemony], [Jedi survival] and [Star River warship] blood, passion, funny and weird are all in this book give you a different Lord experience... [whether to participate in the Lord survival game!] [confirm to participate in the game, and you will be transferred to the survival map of the Lord competition.] [if you survive, you will gain survival points in exchange for game items!] isn't this a war strategy game Lin Yun has not decided yet. By default, he agrees to participate [you have unlocked all talents!] [this game draws talents: 10000 times faster construction and production (SSS level), and 10000 times faster construction and character production in your territory.] since then, Lord players around the world have been looking for 444 players who are not afraid of the game (the characters in this book are purely fictional. Please don't substitute them into reality. Everything has nothing to do with reality. If there are similarities, it's pure coincidence!)

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